Six Reasons Why Car insurance Claims Get Declined

  It is essential consumers tell insurers absolutely everything when arranging any insurance and at annual renewal.

1. You didn’t take enough care
If you leave your car unlocked and it gets stolen, you have failed to take ‘reasonable care’ and a claim for theft will be declined. 

2. Your car was unsafe
If your car doesn’t have a WOF meaning annual certification from Auto Mechanic and you cause an accident which was caused by a defect in your car (i.e. dodgy brakes), your insurer is unlikely to pay out. 

3. You were drinking
Insurers are very sensitive to alcohol, and will outright decline claims if you were under the influence of alcohol. If you had a drink before an accident, you must disclose everything so they have all the facts. A glass of wine two hours before an accident is unlikely going to put you ‘under the influence’. 

4. You did not comply with the conditions of the driver’s licence
For example, if you are on a learners or restricted licence and have unlicensed passengers in the car, any claim will be refused. The same goes for any unlicenced driver. 

5.  You have private-use car insurance but you use the vehicle for business purposes
This is a big no-no and a common reason for insurance claims to be refused. If you start moonlighting for Uber, your existing personal insurance will not cover you. 

6.  You failed to mention something important – such as a previous accident, criminal conviction or license disqualification
These factors may cause your policy to cost more, but they’re essential for your insurer to know. 

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